Joe Ramsey Finds Himself Making Difficult Decisions In New Single “Fork in the Road”

Indie singer/songwriter Joe Ramsey is starting off the year strong with the release of “Fork in the Road,” a personal, contemplative single for anyone who is struggling with their own personal fork in the road while also showcasing a new sound compared to his previous releases.

With a classic, indie sound reflecting on the toughest decision he has ever had to make, “Fork in the Road” makes us question our own difficult choices.

With years of learning to play different instruments, picking up a pen and paper seemed to be the natural next step for Ramsey. Now, he writes all of his own material which includes emotive lyricism that pulls in listeners from the very first sound of the guitar.

Ramsey focuses on major life events and their accompanied feelings, as heard in his songs with topics discussing divorce, mental health, and  today’s modern world. His mellow acoustic vibe mixed in with relatable lyrics creates a sense of comfort with his fans since he’s unafraid to share his own experiences.

“Fork in the Road” gives us a glimmer of hope that everything will be okay when facing two difficult choices. Although it’s not easy to make a choice that can change our lives, Ramsey understands that the right choice is whichever one we choose since we can then make up for lost time in the future.

With a successful year of hometown headline shows and festival appearances at Hit the North in Newcastle, 2020 is set to be Joe Ramsey’s most exciting year yet. If you’re in the area, make sure to check out his biggest headline show at The Georgian Theatre in Stockton on February 28th.


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