Joel Christian Releases Powerful “Rise From The Grave” Music Video

Joel Christian comes back stronger than ever in his latest music video for “Rise From The Grave.”

This single encourages listeners to fight against those bursts of anxiety that can randomly appear in our lives. His instinctual sense of storytelling unites with the intriguing visuals created for the music video to inspire listeners to relate to his emotions with lyrics like “don’t look in my eyes…you need to run away.”

While engaging in a boxing match that’s instantly over after one punch, the message is clear: “don’t mess with me.” The climatic moment shows Joel Christian moving across the ring as the energy-rising chorus begins and he takes his spot as the rightful winner.

“You need to run before I rise from the grave,” he warns throughout the song.

The visuals for “Rise From The Grave” are mesmerizing as black and white scenes merge with an array of colorful tones. Joel Christian definitely leaves a radiant long lasting impression with this new single. Make sure to check it out and share it with your friends!


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