Joel Christian – “Rise from the Grave”

Los Angeles-based queer pop singer, songwriter, and performance artist, Joel Christian, returns with his newest single “Rise from the Grave” to get you moving and believing in yourself again.

“Rise from the Grave” is an 80’s inspired synth-wave track that encourages listeners to fight against their anxiety. With his natural sense of storytelling, listeners can feel and relate to his emotions with lyrics like “don’t look in my eyes…you need to run away,” which is how most people can feel when they get a burst of anxiety.

This single fits in with his discography of singles that include a mixture of dark-pop and electronic sounds. The visuals accompanying the new single feature scenes based on horror yet makes it show that pop music can feel fun and mysterious at the same time.

Joel Christian using dark-pop and electronic sounds in his music is just the beginning of a new era for pop culture. Stay tuned for his upcoming singles as “Rise From The Grave” is now available on all music platforms.


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