Jon Canem – “I Don’t Wanna”

Fusing an affectionate mix of Jazz and Retro Pop musical genres, singer-songwriter Jon Canem reaches a point of surrender in his latest release “I Don’t Wanna.”

Lyrically, it’s one of his best releases portraying the hardships of love and cutting someone out who continuosly breaks his heart. The agony of going around in circles pushes him to focus on his happiness and releassing this connection that feels like an uphill battle.

His passion for songwriting is channeled through the authenticity of his emotions and vivid storytelling. The simple electronic synths running through the single captures an elegant essence with the theme of running away from the pain. The drum beats and piano synths perfectly come together to allow his voice shine in the foreground.

Charged with a range of musical genres that attracts all listeners from all over the world, his combination of EDM, House, Jazz and Retro Pop sounds, makes his music distinctive and somehting to look forward to with every new release.

Displayed in this one lighthearted yet relatable single, Jon Canem has all the elements to create music that speaks to the soul and forges a significantly loyal fan base with his music. Listen to “I Don’t Wanna” on all music streaming platforms including Apple Music, Spotify and more!

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