Josephine Okujeni – “Can’t Breathe”

Singer-songwriter Josephine Okujeni describes the heartache after a difficult period in her life in “Can’t Breathe,” a piano-led single featuring herself in all white, signifying a new beginning.

“I’m barely breathing/ I feel the heart beating loud/ The room is spinning/ I can’t take one more day/ Of this hurt,” she sings softly as if the pain is too unbareable to fully yell out the words and this is the only way it can come out. The slow-paced release brings us back to any moment when we may have felt inferior and unable to breathe dur to the painful memories.

Okujeni beautifully embraces her power while standing in the rain with her calming vocals overpowering the gentle ballad. She captures the relatable sense of pain that we all may have felt at some point in our lives this year in her music video:

“If you feel this year has been icky in some way….I wrote this sweet ballad for you,”Josephine Okujeni mentions on Instagram.

“Can’t Breathe” is incredibly calming as the sounds of the piano flow into our homes bringing us the same kind of despair she feels. Stream the single on all music streaming platforms today!



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