Kelsea Robin – “Stronger Stuff”

Violinist/songwriter Kelsea Robin creates a unique one-woman show by recording layers of sounds to mix the vibrant harmonies of many violins with her soulful vocals. Her newest release “Stronger Stuff” appears with the use of a pedalboard including a pitch shifter to give the song a fun, laid-back vibe for all to enjoy!

The overall message is simply this, “Try to get along with the people you care about during this difficult time.”

The home-based music video is currently a submission for a contest through the Brower Entertainment Booking Agency where the nominees have the opportunity to win a cash prize and an offer to be a client of thier booking agency. She appears in front of the camera with her violin in hand, ready to share her talents with the world. Her impressive voice keep us in awe of how someone can hold this musch talent! Please take a moment and check out her music video right here:

Growing up in a variety of locations including San Antonio, Honolulu, and Japan has opened her eyes to the irresistible cultures around her. Currently based in Phoenix, Arizona, she’s creating more music after the release of her debut EP City Boys and Dangerous Toys.



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