Kevin Riady Searches For The Feeling Of “Home” In Newest Single

Kevin was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. Prior to being a musician, he completed a degree in Human Factors Engineering and worked as a consultant before he finally decided to pursue his artistic aspirations.

Kevin is heavily influenced by the music he listened during his childhood. His favourite artists include Five For Fighting, My Chemical Romance, Chrisye, Jason Mraz, BoA, Denis Bouriakov, and now Chet Baker.

For many years, he considered himself a natural singer. However, due to an unsupportive environment, he decided to hide his voice and instead picked up the flute in 2011. In 2013, Kevin was the flute principal of ITB Student Orchestra. Alas in 2015 he suffered from TMJ disorder and cervical spasm, which prevented him from pursuing the flautist life professionally.

Kevin stopped playing music for a while until he joined an acapella group and competed in the UK Voice Fest 2017. In 2018 he began writing songs and learning how to play music (sing, piano, guitar, and producing), then relocated to Melbourne, Australia. In 2021 he decided to publish one of his old demos, “Home.”

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