Kimberly Williams – “Keeper of My Soul”

While all Gospel music share a positive message, Gospel/R&B artist Kimberly Williams offers a message of hope, love, and compassion in her newest single, “Keeper of My Soul.” Her powerful vocals will uplift, inspire, and allow listeners to feel all these beautiful sentiments.

Lovingly referred to as the little woman with the big voice, Kimberly Williams has been nominated for 3 Gospel Choice Music Awards, performed last year at the GMCA show, and has also been nominated for the Showtime ENT Gospel Music Awards.

“Keeper of My Soul” has a cheerful, joyous sound with Williams’ voice and background vocals creating a blissful song listeners can sing along to while dancing to the overjoyed energy flowing through the single. Her unique voice is what first captures our attention while her motivational lyrics inspire us to continue believing in the power of the Creator.

As she continues to perform at local churches and run her own private counseling practice in her hometown of Birmingham, AL, Williams is using her gift of being able to uplift people with her words to encourage others to become their best selves. This is someone who has touched many lives with her unique skills and ability to make anybody feel like they can accomplish anything.

Gospel music isn’t a genre may people gravitate towards but we urge our readers to give Kimberly Williams a chance today and listen to “Keeper of My Soul” for a wonderfully new experience!



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