King Mizzie – “No More Stops”

Last time we covered King Mizzie’s The Route we anticipated the release of his newest EP No More Stops. The Miami-based rapper doesn’t disappoint with his 2020 return with a relatable and sentimental four track EP.

With the releases of From The Last Drop and The Route to his latest release, No More Stops, this EP chronicles the transition into tunnel vision where nobody is stopping him from succeeding. He’s done dealing with people who aren’t adding to his life in a positive way and are just adding more to the load.

Opener “How It Finish” follows the first single “Where It Started” off of The Route. Life starts in one way and can take us through many directions. King Mizzie motivates listeners to hustle all year long with the motto “shine in the summer, grind all winter” along a signature quick paced, synth filled beat.

“Smokes” is a hype song we all need at least once throughout the day. He takes some jabs at people while rapping to the beat of enthusiastic drums in this much too short 2 minute track.

“From The Dirty”is a highlight for us as King Mizzie summarizes the entire message of the EP into this one track. He mentions coming up from nothing and having people in his life who weren’t there through it all with him. The beats help bring the words to life in this fast paced, head bobbing track.

“Look What You Did” doesn’t hold back anything as he uses this track to let people who used him know what they did to him. Life changes in a blink of an eye and he keeps it real about how his life is going these days.

If you’re looking for a rapper who keeps it real from start to finish, listen to King Mizzie and support! Originality in the rap world is slowly fading and it’s refreshing to find rappers still wanting to share the real parts of life.


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