King Mizzie Releases Timeless, Relatable Album “Mentally Scarred”

Rapper King Mizzie thrives on fueling his supporters with songs that instantly bring excitement, pleasure, and joy into their worlds. His latest album Mentally Scarred doesn’t shy away from the tough moments in life as he dives deep into his and others’ life experiences.

From writing his first song at 9 years old to co-hosting with Blueface in a Miami club, King Mizzie’s passion for music is evident. Mentally Scarred is just one piece of the puzzle of being an independent artist and navigating the music industry as a CEO of his own record label.

Starting off with gentle flow, “My Pocket” quickly picks up the speed to keep up with the intense lyrics and high energy beats that’s reminiscent of an A Boogie wit da Hoodie track and make way for the second track, “Round Me.” The single gives props to the people that stick around him and support his journey in life as an artist.

Each track takes its time to reveal a new story. “Feel It” and “Seal The Deal” keeps it real with thoughts on putting in the work to live a better life.

“Sprite Lid (ft. 4)” and “For The Money” displays his hustle from making it from the bottom. Their catchy, non-stop lyricism mixes with the fast-paced beats that gets listeners bopping their heads along in agreement with each thought.

After putting in time and money into making your projects come alive, you deserve to splurge a little right?! “ICY” unapologetically keeps up with his truth and goals in life.

One track King Mizzie knows his fans will identify with is “All Day,” which speaks on his personal journey while making each track happen. Its repetitive, high-energy lyrics blends in with a lively flow that makes this a highlight of the album.

King Mizzie has his foot on the pedal and is quickly taking over the industry with his fast raps, moving lyrics, and precautionary sense of putting a timeless record together. Stream Mentally Scarred today!


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