King Reynard – “Sunset”

There’s no doubt King Reynard is leaving his mark on the world everywhere he goes, whether it’s as an Artist, Marketer, Creator, or Coach. Reminiscing on the goodness of one particular person, his latest release “Sunset” arrives as the first single of his debut album Oceanz, dropping this May 2020

“Sunset” keeps a distinct flow as his sincere verses roll off his tongue onto the mic that’s ready to take in every single word he has prepared for this girl. His confident demeanor, heartfelt lyrics, captivating synth beats and laid-back style hook listeners in with this short 2-minute track.

His Maserati shows a luxurious side while he travels across Arizona in search of the perfect sunset that represents his love for this one important person who’s made a difference in his life. “Sunset” is the ultimate declaration of his feelings for her while letting the world in on this secret as well.

Keep an eye out for Oceanz, a tell-all collection of personal stories filled with a variety of love and pain he’s endured in his life. King Reynard may just surprise you with his catchy flow and individuality as an artist.


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