KLEOPATRA – “Machina”

KLEOPATRA hypnotizes listeners with her electronic dark-pop debut EP Machina, including four new songs to obsess over!

This dark-pop singer-songwriter, producer and visual artist instinctively turns her musical visions into electrifying soundscapes worth more than one listen. Her silky vocals and psychedelic melodies stand out agianst the slick lyrics filled with compelling themes of mental health, A.I, technology, autonomy, human nature & emotion, and machine learning.

Each song tells her story in the most profound way while covering topics of heartbreak, mental health, abstract thought and metaphorical observation. It’s a direct reflection of her inner self that she now gets to share with the rest of the world.

The introductory track “Pretty Bones” releases the emotions of anger and frustration after someone walked out of her life. She keeps a “see me wherever you go” attitude as she sing about hoping that person sees her shine everywhere they go, everywhere from the television to the streets.

“Xanax” digs into the inner sadness felt when you’re loosing someone that’s important to you and noticing how the addiction to drugs increased in order to avoid feeling the pain. She struggles to let go of the memories with a instrumental beat in the background.

“Machina” speaks about being like a machine in every literal sense of the word. It’s someone’s obsession to be seen as perfect with a blend of upbeat and calming vibes merging with screeching sounds. The final track “Generic” desires a sense of individuality within a world of societal approval based on what our social media accounts look like.

Having full control of how your EP turns out is such an incredible part of the process. With an incredible 55,000 streams on Spotify, KLEOPATRA was able to turn Machina into everything she hoped for while sharing stories of importance.

Her powerful sounds draw comparisons to artists such as Grimes, Charli XCX, PC Music, FKA Twigs, SOPHIE and The Weeknd. Which of these popular artists do you hear more of in this EP?

Stream the EP on all streaming platforms today! 

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