Kristen Karma – Dear John (Feat. Marian Hanna, Mr ATP)

Singer-songwriter Kristen Karma beautifully discusses the pain of of losing a parent in her latest release, “Dear John.”

While heavily grounded in Pop, Kristen Karma includes Electro, Folk, Rock, and even Hip-Hop into her songs. This single is much different, allowing her voice to take over and not the beats in the background.

Karma’s dedication to her father is done with simplicity and beauty, which makes this single quite different from all of her other songs. The vocals are warm and smooth while her powerful lyricism is relatable and mesmerizing as she calls out, “I hope you’re up there watching over me/ Can you see all that I can’t see/ I hope you’re feeling really proud of me/ For all I’ve done and turned out to be.”

The music video is beautiful witha variety of different locations that could possiblt remind her of her father. The symbolism is there such as when she visits her home and looks through the images. It’s a video that keeps his memory alive and can be a highlight for the family to watch together and reminisce his presence for many years to come.

Singer Marian Hanna and Rap artist Mr ATP collaborate to bring a unique perspective to “Dear John” with Mr ATP’s raps and Marian Hanna’s background vocals that set the tone for the end of the song.

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