La Susi – “La Rosa Cautiva”

In memory of the late Spaniard singer and dancer La Susi, “La Rosa Cautiva” captures the beauty of shared love in a live performance filled with vibrant visuals expressing the connection created through the act of giving love. Released through the WakeUp Music Group label, La Susi left behind an impeccable legacy with Flamenco music touching the hearts of listeners across the world.

“La Rosa Cautiva” reveals heartbreak in the best way she knows how: through the power of her words. Accompanied by Diego Amador (piano, strings, guitar) and Pedro Cortes on the guitar, the single captures the essence of La Susi’s powerful voice giving life to the relatable pain.

Born into a family where flamenco music was an important part of her upbringing, her early start in dance and singing created a long-standing influence on those who listened. “La Rosa Cautiva” is the first single off of the last album and documentary Flamenco: Passion in Danger (Flamenco: Pasion En Peligro) she produced alongside WakeUp Music Group.

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