LaLion – “1 Pill, 2 Pill”

Putting out new content at a rapid speed isn’t something many artists can do these days. LaLion has been impressively releasing a new track every single week for the past two years, leading up to the release of “1 Pill, 2 Pill.”

His love for playing music began at the age of 6 when he started learning to play the guitar. Bands came and went but his tenacity to get his music out the world kept him going until he decided to go solo. With over 90,000 listeners per month on Spotify and over 50,000 accumulated followers online, it’s clear that people are truly impressed with LaLion’s music and ambition for success in the music industry.

“1 Pill, 2 Pill” has chilled hip-hop vibes that give listeners an inside look into his life as he speaks of a negtive relationship that mostly circled around substance abuse. It’s just an example of how music can be an expressive tool to let go of past troubles.

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