Lamontae Foyay Creates His Own Opportunities With New Release “Loading(Hear Me)”

Singer, Rapper, Songwriter, Producer, and Engineer Lamontae Foyay is embracing his musical talents with the release of “Loading(Hear Me).” This new release powers through the notion of realizing that he must create the future he desires, nobody will be able to create it for him.

The South Carolina-based indie artist creates a variety of memorable flows, catchy melodies, and vivid stories within the HipHop, Soul, and R&B music genres. The influential sounds of musical icons such as Usher and Michael Jackson have inspired him to find a way to fuse together their sounds with his life experiences to share his stories about struggle, being the change in his communities, and facing the realities of life.

“The first segment of this piece is based on previous life experiences that have molded me into who I am,” Foyay shares. “The switch up takes you to a place where I’m embracing my new journey. Which leads to me demanding that the music industry respects my name and how I’ve come to the understanding that I can no longer wait for the opportunity of exposure in this industry, I must create it.”

“Loading(Hear Me)” carries a powerful presence of someone fighting for the future he needs to build. Step into his mind and discover the stories just waiting to be heard. Stick around for new music from Foyay as he continues to influence his listeners with his stories. Trust us, he has many amazing stories worth sharing.


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