Las Cafeteras Releases Spanglish Version Of “Georgia on My Mind”

The song by the Los Angeles band Las Cafeteras aims to support Black and Brown Unity and Voter Participation in Georgia US Senate Runoffs.

Early voting in the US Senate Runoff elections in Georgia started December 14, and L.A. band Las Cafeteras hopes this song will be an electoral anthem for Solidarity among Black and Brown communities. The band blends cultures and genres and their Spanglish version of ‘Georgia on My Mind’ is a joyous way to unite people and get voters dancing all the way to the polls in Georgia.

Joining in support of this song is New Georgia Project and Poder Latinx, both of whom are focusing attention on young voters of color in the state.

The song itself is another collaborative mash-up of genres, featuring artist QVLN and Sergio Mendoza utilizing Afro-Colombia rhythms of Cumbia, Electronica, and elements of Trap music, which was born in Atlanta, Georgia. Aside from the classic chorus in English, there are new lyrics that speak to a sense of determination and empowerment to its listeners via Spanish language rap.

The song speaks to the changing demographics in Georgia. Over the last 10 years, the South has been home to the fastest-growing Latinx population in the country, which includes Georgia. The new cumbia rendition of “Georgia on My Mind” speaks to the nostalgia of Latin America to new immigrants, but also calls to the 1st and 2nd generation Latinx youth who call Georgia home and grew up with Hip-Hop in the home state of Trap culture.

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