Atlanta artist LATENIGHTJACE teams up with some creatives in his life to drop a few gems in his second EP Darkest Phase. The EP takes listeners through a futuristic, raw vibe from start to finish as his tracks move through the motions of love and heartbreak.

With the help of producer and college friend, Justyin The Composer, Darkest Phase came into fruition and is truly defining LATENIGHTJACE’S rap career. In its full rawness, it’s hard to believe this artist is still undiscovered. It’s evident he puts his heart and soul into the lyrics and beats he puts together.

Tracks like “San Fernando Valley” glorify one specific location while speaking about one particular person in his life. She’s described as someone with highly ambitious dreams yet hasn’t accomplished them. “She’s so far gone” he sings as they spend the night together. His slick descriptions of their night in the valley makes it seems like a scene from a movie that you don’t want to end – yet it has to end.

“The road has been smooth. But there’s a bump in every road,” LATENIGHTJACE said in an interview. “I’ve had a label tell me that they wasn’t rocking with me. When I thought it was my time. But just like Kid Cudi says in Kids See Ghost, “Keep moving forward.”

Following the track, “Majin Buu” switches it up with hyped up beats and lyrics about love. He describes the relationship changing even though he’s feelin in love with this girl. He speaks adoringly about their relationship like doing anything for her but then it moves into a heartbreaking part of his life.

The beats in each song in Darkest Phase is unique to one another, bringing in Kid Cudi, Drake, Kanye, and XXXTENTACION vibes. The sad, dark verses are distinguished between the love, heartbreak and boasting themes that complement each distinct beat throughout the EP.

His vocals are smooth, quick, and distinct. He channels a few artists already thriving in the industry but you can tell it’s his voice through the beats he’s produced and the way he sounds. Listen to his first EP The Fall of First Semester for more!

“In college even though I was a fashion major I was kind of focused on music more,” He mentions. I would go to fashion pop-ups around Atlanta but I was really leaning towards the music thing. I always wanted to do music. I’m in the process of writing my 3rd EP “3000”. I really can’t wait to finish the project.”

In the future, you may see more of LATENIGHTJACE on your newsfeeds. Apart from music, the young Atlanta artist studied fashion and is also interested in photography, film, and photo editing. LATENIGHTJACE hopes to one day write a screenplay and release some short films.

“I would recommend anybody trying to do something in the entertainment industry to come here. There’s something for everyone, you just have to find your niche,” LATENIGHTJACE said.

If you enjoyed Darkest Phase, stay tuned for his future third EP titled 3000. Check him out on Twitter and Instagram!

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