Left Dynasty – “Pop Off”

Rapper Left Dynasty leaves us hopping on this immensely positive wave of being who you are and not letting others influence you in his latest track “Pop Off.”

As someone who stays true to who he is, Left Dynasty raps on top of a head-bobbing electronic synth capturing our attention instantly. “Act like they love, but they hate me/ It’s all good,” he begins as he transitions into a powerful reaffirming mantra on sticking to what you know is true regardless of what others say about you.

He dives into the chorus “Pop Off/ They just want me to pop off/ But you know a boss stay composed… And I’m here cause God chose” as he finds his groove in the eyes of those who don’t agree with him. Listeners will be able to relate with his powerfully positive energy that focuses on teh grind rather than what’s being said.

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Not only does Left Dynasty rap on being a good individual, he’s a well-versed lyricist who puts his deepest thoughts into conversational yet understanding lyrics that his listeners can identify with.

Keep your vibrations high and check out the latest release from Left Dynasty on all streaming platforms today!

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