Lexi Mariah – “Waterfall”

Lexi Mariah shares her upcoming empowering new anthem “Waterfall” set to release on Friday, November 20th.

“Waterfall” dicusses getting through those everyday struggles where negativity from society seems to follow us everywhere. The electro-pop track integrates the use of dynamic drums and warm acoustic guitar, alongside her passionate lyrics and powerful vocals. As her fourth release, this will be another introduction to the talented artist.

“As a young woman breaking into the music industry, I’ve really had to learn the best way to stand up for myself and look past a lot of the negativity that’s often thrown my way,” Lexi Mariah speaks on the creation of “Waterfall” “I really hope that this song can be a motivator for someone who’s struggling with feeling accepted, whether that be by their peers, their family or anyone else.”

The Connecticut based artist released her first single of the year, “SOURPATCH,” which received praise from various radio stations and news outlets around the world.


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