LI Rapper YoungSmooth Brings You Sincerity With A Drive To Succeed In Mixtape “I.J.T.B.”

In an interview with Long Island rapper YoungSmooth, he opened up about his first mixtape, the relevancy of his tracks to his life, and what’s to come. Check it out:

How did you end up choosing your artist name, YoungSmooth?

  • Man, that a funny story… when I was younger, the xbox360 was the biggest thing with halo 3 and other video games, mind you I was probably 12 at the time, so I saw a gamer tag with the name “young smooth” and i don’t know it just seem like the dopest name ever especially when Young Money during that era was crazy poppin so I started to call myself young smooth hahah

What’s the significance behind the title, “I J.T.B.”

  • IJTB stand for “It’s Just The Beginning,” I always wanted to name my first real mixtape that and since this was my first real mixtape, that’s what I did. It pretty much signifies more to come. you cant fall when you already at floor level so it’s only up from here

Which song in your album is your favorite & why?

  • Oh man, to be honest all the songs are my favorite but if I had to pick one it would be “Legendary.” I like the way my flow, change in delivery of it personally, but that song motivates me, in the song I put two of the few people on my list that I look up to work ethic wise and that’s will smith and lebron james. both are arguably the best to ever do it in their fields of work and that’s what I see in my future for my field of work

How long did it take you to put it all together?

  • It’s crazy that mixtape took me almost a year. I started April 2018 and I completely finished it around January 2019
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All your songs are deep and you don’t shy away from sharing how you really feel. “Nostalgia” is one of those songs that inspires you to do better in life for the people around you and yourself. How’d you come up with the lyrics for this one?

  • Sometimes in my head I go to events in my life where I experience the most emotions and than I just write. Usually when that happens, songs like those come out whether it’s a heartbreak, family problems, being broke to where you have to ask people for extra cash. It brings heavy emotions and the beat is in that realm as well so best believe lyrics like those will come about

What technique helps you bring all your thoughts onto paper? Or do you just spit out whatever comes to mind into your songs?

Just living life. I personally like to talk about things that’s going on with me usually. I like to get personal on songs so me living life, I have a lot to talk about and things to share with people whether it’s good or bad. It may help them or even might help me because once im done writing a song I usually just reflect on it. It’s usually how I feel

Some of your flows are really good and goes well with the lyrics. Do you produce your own beats?

Na hahah. I tried, but didn’t do so well. I was getting better not going to lie, but I rather just stick to what im good at and perfecting that first

When’d you realize you wanted to start rapping? When did you start taking it seriously?

  • It’s going to sound cliche but i’ve been rapping since forever my brother used to rap and my sister used to sing. So me being the last child I was already born into a family of siblings involved in music. But when I really took it seriously was in high school when my ex broke my heart and on some young minded petty shit I thought ima get rich from rap and make her wish she never left me haha. But at the end I fell in more with the music more than I did with the result. So thank you to my ex for breaking my heart and helping me realize my path in music
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Do you perform your songs often?

Not really because right now im trying to put more music out. I want a catalog so when people look for me they have options to choose from

What are some goals you want to accomplish with your music?

Plain and simple…. First I want to be rich and wealthy. And then I want to best, T want to be in the conversation for top 3 best ever. I’m going to bring the hits, the tunes, jingles, and the bars so stay tuned

Check out YoungSmooth on Apple Music and Spotify – and stay tuned for his future releases. Like he said, this is “just the beginning,” you’d want to be here for the entire ride. Also, stream the latest single “Way Up” on all streaming platforms.

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