Liam Fitzgerald Releases “Take Me To Places” and “Back On Track” On Valentine’s Day

Liam Fitzgerald releases his latest double single as a newly solo artist. “Take Me To Places” and “Back On Track” explore his career unaccompanied by the Indie band he was in for the past 10 years.

Essex singer-songwriter Liam Fitzgerald blends a mix of Blues and Indie Folk-Rock in his songs to create a soulful vibe with the use of his words. The first single “Take Me To Places” speaks of his desire to travel the world and have new experiences with someone very special to him.

Fitzgerald says about the single, “Take Me To Places was inspired by wanting to see the world with someone you love, that it doesn’t matter where you are, as long as you are with that person it will be amazing.”

He’s now writing and producing all of his own music with a variety of musical genres blended into two magical tracks that listeners can identify with after the first listen. With complete control over the creative content he releases, there’s no telling what we can expect from him in the upcoming year!

The second single, “Back On Track,” was written after taking some time off from making music. He creates a relatable track about a feeling many people in the creative industries understand. Listeners will hear his sense of perspective change as the years away from music gain him a new outlook in what kind of music he wants to create.

Look out for Liam Fitzgerald’s new project filled with revelations, unique musical blends and inspiration to follow our dreams.



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