Lil Dream – “VOSS”

Alternative/hip-hop artist Lil Dream released his first full-length project , Swipe Rixh 2, earlier this year with 7 tracks detailing his life experiences as a young man living the fast life.

The track “VOSS” glorifies the popular bottled water brand we’ve all drank at some point in our lives. The DMV artist, Lil Dream doesn’t go anywhere without the bottle in his hand. In this song, he discusses consuming Codeine, other drugs, and living life day by day.

Back in June, Lil Dream celebrated a milestone of reaching 13k listeners on Apple Music and Spotify combined without the help of investors, management, PR, or blogs. All the hard work, love and support from the family has helped him reach his dreams of sharing his music with the world.

The music video for “VOSS” centers around the Norwegian-based brand of bottled water. The young hip-hop artist travels from car to a Starbucks to a hotel room to a grocery store with a bottle of VOSS water. In the lyrics, the water is exchanged with Codeine, a prescription pain medication used to treat mild to moderate pain.

“I put codeine in cream soda/ Now I’m dizzy,” and “Who put codeine in this VOSS, yeah,” he sings while carrying boxes of VOSS water in his cart in the grocery store.

Listen to the rest of the project on Soundcloud:

Keep up with Lil Dream on Twitter and Instagram! Special shoutout to the featured artist, Lil Gray. As well as the feauting production from @Pentagrvm, @ItsGoodIntent, @CapCrunchBeats, @Moonman_Johnny, and @MikadoSensei. Art direction by @artshowogk.

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