Lil Nas X Finally Meets Oprah

“Old Time Road” superstar Lil Nas X performed on the Ellen DeGeneres Show today and checked one box off his bucket list!

On this episode, Lil Nas X met the inspiring mogul, Oprah. The young rapper, who rose to fame this past summer, fangirled over their interaction on Instagram where he posted a picture of Oprah holding his cheeks and smiling. This is the first time the duo has gotten together and just like you, we’re hoping it’s not the last.

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oprah pinched my cheeks u guys ❤️

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The starstudded episode is one you can’t miss if you’re a fan of either of the trio! Catch the episode and highlights on EllenTube. On the episode, Ellen asked if he was single… prompting a slight no and inferring he’s seeing someone.

Actor Josh Peck took the chance to ask Lil Nas X if Oprah knew he was sorry, referring to the 2006 episode Josh Runs Into Oprah on “Drake And Josh” where he hits a fake Oprah with his car. On Twitter he asked, “Did you tell her I was sorry or?” Lil Nas X simply retweeted the post, leaving us wondering what the truth is. Will we get an actual answer?!

We’re happy for Lil Nas X, who will continue to shine throughout the rest of the year!

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