Litvar Presents New Single “Hi I’m Andy”

Now, what would you say if I invited you to watch “The Greatest Movie of All Time” with me? Your mind would immediately jump to “The Godfather” or something like that, but that couldn’t be further from my mind when I say this.

No, no, no. What I mean when I talk about “The Greatest Movie of All Time” is this really cool, really modern alternative music project by American duo Litvar.

But who is Litvar? What is Litvar?

Litvar is an exciting young band with a strange and appealing sort of musical genius. Bringing together the skills and talent of Joe Lemieux on drums and Rex Thrustan on guitar, keys and vocals, Litvar brings music for young people by young people.

Their “The Greatest Movie of All Time” sounds slightly ironic, yet can also ring very true, depending how you look at it. The album tackles universal subjects that young people have to deal with, like substance abuse, depression, relationships and school  – all very relatable, all very coming-of-age. So in that sense, it may well be the greatest movie of all time, or at least, that’s what it feels like at this age, anyway.

On the other hand, the title also feels slightly sarcastic due to the cliché nature of the subject.

While everyone is no doubt tired of the same old teenage romance, Litvar manages to put a delectably fresh spin on these young problems, as old as time itself. In their debut track, “Hi, I’m Andy”, the duo take on the oft difficult search for identity and meaning in this crazy world.

“Hi, I’m Andy” is an anthem for a young generation struggling to come to grips with who they are, what they like and what they stand for in a too-loud world that does not seem to hear them. It’s about finding the strength and maturity to deal with the crazy information the world is throwing at you each day.

With an exciting, aggressive beat and  very on-point lyrics, “Hi, I’m Andy” couldn’t have summed up 2020 any better.

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