Liz Lokre – “Fire”

Liz Lokre inspires to create a change within every single person who listens to her newest EP Fire with themes of healing, purpose, and exploration of identity filling our homes with her songs.

The 3-song EP powerfully accentuates the transformation one can experience when their personal power is discovered.

“Where U Come From” reflects the message of using the resilience and personal power from our ancestors to remember the stories of those who came before us to know where you’re going next. The Pop-style lyric music video displays her powerful walk through a forest as she gets more in touch with the nature surrounding her.

“Fire Interlude” briefly shares her thoughts on how fire ignites new beginnings – it’s in that moment when the fire starts to burn that strength is grown.

“Edge” dives into what can happen when one takes on too much baggage and feels trapped on the ledge of the building unsure of the next move. The upbeat single doesn’t hold back on the emotive thoughts of not knowing what the consequences of ther actions will bring.

Alicia Keys, Sade, and Bob Marley not only inspire her to create music that motivates listeners to make changes in their every day lives, they also display how the power of a great instrumental beat can change our moods for the better. Fire is now available on all streaming platforms, go heal with the transformative sounds from Liz Lokre!


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