LO LA – “Dirty Clothes”

LO LA collaborates with Marcíto to bring a nostalgic and heartbreaking perspective to the ending of a toxic relationship in their newest single “Dirty Clothes.” The relatable lyrics cover lots of the emotive thoughts on the situation just as depicted in the cover.

Marcíto, who raps on the track, shares his perspective on how the relationship has flowed from the very beginning. The slow jam perfectly flows with a drum-based instrumental closing out a dreamy track filled with anguish as well as hope that things would change.

Incredibly impressed by how the story intertwines with a gentle approach to the heartbreak felt due to an unexplained relationship between two people.

“Now you’re texting me and telling me you wish it never happened/
Got me falling all the time from cloud nine tragic/
I’m getting tired of the games you play/
Do you love me do you hate me just pick which way/

Baby I know my room looks crazy/
Please ignore the clothing on the floor/
Didn’t expect that you’d be in it/
If I had known I would’ve cleaned it more”

LO LA has gained over six million streams across all platforms and is quickly grabbing the attention of music lovers all over the world. “Dirty Clothes” is just one of the best ways to end the year.


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