LoudboyCooley – “Money Dreams” (feat. ChellyTheMC)

DMV rapper LoudboyCooley shares his motivation and appreciation for the bigger things in life with his newest single, “Money Dreams.”

With his latest track, “Money Dreams,” LoudBoyCooley brings another genuine song to the DMV music scene to discuss the daily hustle we must make to turn our dreams into a reality. This time, he brings DC native Chelly The MC along for the ride.

“Money Dreams” is ultimately for the hustlers. The ones waking up early in the morning or going to sleep late just because they’re following their dreams and making sure this happens for them. Fighting for a spot in the music industry is tough and  LoudboyCooley describes the struggle perfectly with catchy rhymes and vivid imagery of him performing/chasing the dream.

He starts off with a hook, “I just wanna be the man/ I just wanna make music that will change the world,” that makes us want to keep rooting harder for his success. His beats are clean, smooth and fit perfectly with his transitions from singing to rapping.

ChellyTheMC comes in the end, reinforcing his statements through her own unique outlook on the life. Her part is incredibly good, with a distinctive voice that makes listeners want to search for her own music for more. Together, they create a harmonious single that’s not only inspiring, but also keeping us on check by making us question if we’re doing enough to reach our “money goals.”

Make sure to listen to “Money Dreams” on Souncloud, Youtube and Apple Music! You won’t regret it.

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