Lucas Berloff Shares His Brazilian Roots In “Carro Preto”

London-based singer/songwriter Lucas Berloff reflects on the nostalgic memories of his time living in Brazil, experiencing the happiness and joy of driving around in his black car. His newest single in Portuguese “Carro Preto” celebrates a life full of freedom and youth as he remembers the moments that will stay with him forever.

The memories built up around traveling by car are some of the most memorable moments that stick with us as we go from journeying out into the big world in search of adventure to continuously driving to see what’s even further than what we’re used to seeing. “When I used to live in São Paulo, I shared a black car with my parents and I used to drive all around the city with my mates,” Berloff explains. “I lived amazing and weird stories inside that car.”

He adds, “Sometimes we could end up on a random beach or some friend-of-a-friend’s house. But I can clearly remember the feeling of freedom.”

Getting a car is one of the most exciting things that can happen for anyone. It brings a sense of comfort knowing one can leave their house and explore the undiscovered land surrounding them. This single touches on those freeing emotions of being able to leave the comfort of his home to find new enriching environments where he can create new memories with the important people in his life. Its relatable message of freedom and entertaining storyline showing appreciation for the car he’s been able to use grasps the listener with calming sounds and memorable rhythms.

Sink into the slowness of the melodic drums building intrigue with the electric guitar finding its place in the middle of the ranging sounds, and Caribbean-synthed sounds piecing together these monumental moments of adventure. Lucas Berloff’s rich, euphoric vocals complements the entire single from the very beginning.

Reminisce on those life changing drives you may have taken in a different country after getting lost in the captivating stories from Lucas Berloff in “Carro Preto.” Stream the single on all major streaming platforms.


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