Lynne Taylor Donovan Releases Holiday Classic “Dear Santa”

Joining the positivity of Christmas this year, Lynne Taylor Donovan resurfaces her 2014 single, “Dear Santa,” which is a dedication to the peace and love children deserve during the holidays.

The calming strum of the guitars and mellow piano notes in the background enrich Donovan’s voice to blend rich and warm harmonies. “Dear Santa” comes together flawlessly to bring us a cheerful holiday.

In the lyric music video, the entire song focuses on the important parts about spreading positivity with the world’s children. The introductory scene opens with the words “This Christmas be the shining light to the children and shower them with peace and love” to share the deep message in the song. Once the chorus comes along, “Dear Santa won’t you sent a little love/ a little light/ It’s all we really need in the world tonight,” the song becomes a beautiful message about sharing long lasting love with others.

Without a flashy music video set in place, the words do all the talking and invoke a deeper emotion. It becomes almost impossible to forget it’s a Christmas song as it progresses thanks to the catchy, warm hook. Lynne Taylor Donovan sounds mature and caring as the instruments flow seamlessly with her vocals.

If you haven’t heard of Lynne Taylor Donovan before, keep your ears open for her other singles! The variety of sounds in her discography will inspire you to start making your own music and also adding her tracks to your music future playlists.

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