Lynne Taylor Donovan – “Turned To Stone”

Canadian singer, Lynne Taylor Donovan shares a lighthearted and fun video detailing the music industry in her latest single,  “Turn To Stone.”

At first glance, the industry is beginning to shape her into the person they want her to be: a puppet to the executives in the industry and performing for hundreds of crowds every night. Once she hits the chorus “But you turn away/ And I turn to stone” her body forms into a frozen woman who can’t move, yet her true self follows her around and sees everything from that point of view.

Donovan is the kind of Country artist that grows and expands her creativy with each music release, and this video doesn’t dissapoint. Her voice, lyrics, and music come together so naturally in the genres of pure country, blues and jazz.

In the video, she sees her life from a front row seat as her stoned persona reels in the fame and fortune yet is actually living in a fantasy. By the end of the video, she decides to live life on her own terms as we watch the music executives walk away while she performs. This correlates with Donovan’s actual life as an independent recording artist.

The creativity in visuals from start to finish is outstanding and deserves more than one view! “Turned To Stone” is genius, catchy, and a realization many artists can connect with throughout their musical careers.

Connect and listen to more music from Lynne Taylor Donovan on her official website!

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