Mackenzie Day – “Fake It”

Mackenzie Day beautifully enchants us with a saddening, truthful new single titled “Fake It.” Her raw and gentle vocals grieve a broken relationship once someone gains the strength to finally move on from the situation.

The soulful pop track revels in the dark aftermath of going through a breakup and going through the emotional memories but also not being able to leave their presence because you both work together. Piano instrumentals effortlessly come together with her warm sounds telling her side of the story that caused so much heartache.

The 21-year-old singer is a songwriting major at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA using music as a way of releasing pent up emotions as well as connecting with music lovers all over the world. As she continues to take inspiration from a range of artists including Amy Whinehouse, Ashe, Maggie Rogers, and many more, Mackenzie Day builds up her musical craft to heights yet explored.

With the extensive amount of experience creating music that’s important to her, Mackenzie Day releases “Fake It” amidst many years of creating music since the age of 12. In the single she regretfully sings, “I can’t fake it anymore” as she reaches that breaking point.

“Fake It” is now available on all music stremaing platforms!

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