Mackenzie Nicole Releases “Fun” From Autobiographical Album “Mystic”

“I did whatever I wanted whenever I wanted, answering to no one (not even myself) for my actions with no regard for the consequences. The joy of recklessness was short-lived, however, and at the end of the day, I felt empty. Maybe I wasn’t having ‘Fun’,” Mackenzie Nicole said.

The 12-track album Mystic tells Mackenzie’s story in a beautifully, simple and vocally stunning way that begs for more than one listen. She grasps listeners attention from the first hook and keeps us captivated til the end.

The latest release of the album is the third track “Fun,” a detailed expression of not owing anything to anyone and finding out in the darkness that one must not give in to the destruction, but find a way to become free. “It was not until I was entirely alone that I realized it was not wings, but a cage,” she mentions.

Mystic is a mixture of revelations, entries from a diary, and a public expression of owning your truth and being brave. Not only does this album shine a bright light on this emerging young artist, it also demonstrates what beautiful work can come from the darkest places.

For a sneak peek of the album Mystic, watch the video for “Fun” down below.


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