maddhatr – “Cat and Mouse”

Indie artist maddhatr is about to become one of your favorite artists once you’ve heard his voice! There’s so much to love about his newest release “Cat and Mouse,” which discusses longing for a relationship with someone who doesn’t pay attention to his advances.

He knows he can’t give up though and he’ll continue to keep his promise with lyrics like, “I won’t stop my chase/ I’m going to catch you someday/ No matter where you go.”

maddhatr, known as Alex Galli, speaks of the misery he feels with the use of his raspy vocals blending with the gentle sounds of the background piano and drum synths. Instrumentally, its precise beats meet the range of vocals that makes this an undeniably incredible track for fans of all genres.

Sitting on the balcony of his home, maddhatr strums along with his guitar in an acoustic version of this catchy, laid back love song. His passion is clearly seen through the screen as he imagines himself serenading this song to that special person.

The very talented artist, maddhatr, is gearing up to release his debut album, Young and Wise. In the meantime, make sure to stream “Cat and Mouse” on all streaming platforms!


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