Makayi – “Inception”

Singer-songwriter Makayi releases his newest single “Inception,” reflecting on the desire of having someone to share his love with in the most passionate way possible. It’s a simplistic, romantic song expressing how miserable life can be and appear to be more of an “inception” kind of dream without the company of a special someone.

Based in Manchester, UK, the independent artist showcases his vibrant storytelling abilities and engaging production opening up space for his vocals and honest lyrics to share his message on his deepest wish of reciprocal love. This single opens himself to a vulnerable state of being with the opportunity of sharing his deepest thoughts with anyone who listens.

He writes and mixes his own music with the assistance of his wife who, when placed together, can produce amazing new singles that captures the listener’s attention. “Inception” is incredibly catchy and wholesome. It puts us in a state of appreciation when we find that kind of love that inspires us on a daily basis.

The soothing energy flowing throughout the single is one of the many reasons to check out Makayi’s music and enjoy the comfort of his emotive songs. Stream “Inception” and all of his other singles everywhere!


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