Malcolm Da Kid – “Dirty Love” ft. NeneStackz

Malcolm Da Kid releases a banging new track in collaboration with NeneStackz titled “Dirty Love,” which dives deeper into the way an indescribable passion dicovered between two people can fuel a love that can’t be found anywhere else.

Following the launch of his past releases “New Chanel,” “POP!,” and “10 Outta 10,” this new track sticks to a lighthearted group of catchy lyrics, uplifting synth-like beats, and fun rhythm coming together from a perfectly crafted duo. They hype up this special woman in their life while describing how their connection has grown over time into a dirty kind of love that they both can appreciate.

NeneStackz joins in to spit a few bars about the lustful energy that keeps the relationship alive as they come into one. They keep the sweet, sensual vibe going even with the distance between them. “No matter what they say to me/ Imma keep it real with you” Malcolm Da Kid reassures as he pours out his feelings over a smooth, tender beat.

If you’re looking for new, laidback songs to add to your chill playlists, keep an eye out for releases from Malcolm Da Kid! He keeps it real with distinctive beats that hook you in with the first listen.

Falling in love with someone you like is lifechanging and the way Malcolm Da Kid describes this love inspires us to want to find that kind-hearted, unstressful kind of longterm love. Listen to “Dirty Love” on all music streaming platforms right here and share it with someone today!


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