MANNIS Releases New Singles From Upcoming Debut EP “Killed by Love”

Self-produced singer/songwriter MANNIS releases his debut EP Killed By Love with the reveal of two singles off the EP. “Scared Of Love” and “L.A.” are both part of what we can find to be a revelatory and heartfelt collection of six tracks detailing his life experiences when it comes to love.

Hailing from St. Louis, Missouri, his musical influences including Blackbear, Christian French, and John Mayer lead the way to discovering his interest in blending popular Pop and Hip-Hop styles into his own fresh perspective on modern music. These six songs find their way from his recollection of stories to the ears of passionate listeners ready to give his music a try.

“Scared Of Love” depicts vibing in a relationship but being unsure how it’ll end since one person is scared of all the emotions involved. He validates her emotions while ensuring that he’s in it for the long run. This introductory single opens up the EP featuring a distinct, powerful delivery.

“L.A.” shares how Los Angeles became his preferred getaway spot when he’s trying to get some space from the girl he’s pursuing. His Pop-style and gentle beats unite with heartfelt lyrics to express how he feels about crushing on this one person who he wants to bring out to his favorite place. Find more mesmerizing vocals from MANNIS on his debut EP Killed by Love. Stay tuned for this exciting, new release!

Find MANNIS on Instagram @joshmannis to keep up with his latest releases and watch his posts/ stories even without having an open account.


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