MARLOCK – “The Warrior”

Alternative-pop artist MARLOCK releases his debut four-track EP The Warrior marking a beautiful experience of his life journey and perspectives of the world.

Inspired by the likes of John Mayer, BANKS, and Dermot Kennedy, MARLOCK brings his own edge into the alternative pop genre with his own personal twist merging soulful melodies, elegant arrangements, and catchy instrumental beats. His early journey as a singer-songwriter going on to become a guitarist and trombone player has now paved the path for the release of his own music, displaying his new route into his music career.

“Run” shares the perspective of falling in love with someone and looking past the fears that keep us running. The dynamic range of catchy guitar riffs and slow-tempo electronic beats permit his voice to steal our attention as he introduces his sound to new listeners.

“Hunting For Stars” includes an emotional and passionate piano intertwined with the simplicity of the strings to enrich the rhythmics towards the end where every instrument picks up the velocity and allow him to present his heartfelt lyrics filled with feelings of intimacy, vulnerability, and power.

“Enough” leads with an electrifying electric guitar while creating an intriguing blend with the low-sounding drums and mellow hand claps solidifying his own unique sound. He takes a moment to discuss his thoughts on having enough of a situation.

The final song “Ignite” closes out an EP filled with emotions discussing a never-ending battle between light and darkness. It creates a dream-like state of mind that fuels a fire in us to keep moving forward. The intensely engaging, and timeless songs create an amazing entry into the musical world that excites new listeners finding his music for the first time.

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