Marq Electronica – “Get Down And Work It Out”

Thriving as a one-man show, UK-based musician Marq Electronica releases a new single inspired by nights of taking in the club environment and partying with a variety of people. “Get Down And Work It Out” is his newest pure funk anthem that references some of his RnB and electronic influences artists including Missy Elliott, Daft Punk, and Massive Attack.

Filled with electro pop sounds that can put anyone in a good mood, “Get Down And Work It Out” is a feel good track all about meeting someone on a night out.​ He quickly captures the fun energy of having an amazing night and shares the happy vibes throughout the single.

Listening to House music and going out clubbing every weekend inspired “Get Down And Work It Out” as a motivator to go after the things you want. The visuals include people having fun, meeting for the first time on the dance floor and easily gravitating towards one another.

Check out this fast-paced, upbeat single filled with exciting techno sounds to prepare you for your next night out! Also, follow Marq Electronica on all social media platforms to stay updated with new music.


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