Marq Electronica – “In a City (Love)”

Marq Electronica, the one-man show ready to take over 2020, is about to get listeners lost in a funky, synth-led journey into lost love with his second release “In A City (Love).” Regardless of how you may be feeling, a song about losing out on a potentially successful love story is going to have you reminiscing with this sad atmospheric electro-pop track.

“In A City (Love)” comes after the release of “Get Down And Work It Out,” a feel good track describing an enticing night of meeting someone while enjoying yourself with your friends.​ When it comes to his music, get ready to have a good time while anticipating feelings of nostalgia!

Marq Electronica has been using this time in quarantine to turn a new page on his music. The isolation has helped him discover new sounds while spilling out any emotions and thoughts onto new songs. He’s an artist you’ll want to check out as the year progresses since he’ll be keeping us feeling all our emotions with each new track.

Stay tuned for “In a City (Love)” coming to you tomorrow August 14. It not only will have listeners moving your feet along to the fun beats, you’ll feel a tug on your heartstrings with each inspiring lyric and felt emotion.


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