Marquette King – “Party With Me” feat. Va-Cay

Self-proclaimed “pop-hop” artist, Marquette King, is bringing the party to us with his latest single that’s ready to turn your empty room into a lively party for everyone! King enlists the help of Va-Cay to share this little story from his life.

Marquette King displays his passion for music, which he eventually returned to after an injury ended his professional career as an NFL player. With music as a constant in his life, it’s admirable to see his dedication for music reach many listeners all over the world.

“Party With Me” shares the story of sharing lustful looks with a woman in the club and detailing the internal struggle of wanting to speak to her but also not wanting to interrupt her ladies’ night. With a difficult decision to be made at hand, Marquette King walks us through his thoughts and processes how he should react.

The carefree lyricism and a catchy, timeless beat turns this thought from his memorable night into a fun, impressive new single people can enjoy even if it’s not 100% relatable to everyone who listens.

Listen to “Party With Me,” now available on all streaming platforms and follow Marquette King online to keep up with his new releases.


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