Martin Brothers – “Looking For You”

We’re excited to introduce our readers to the DJ duo Martin Brothers, who stick to a refreshing aesthetic of 80s LA night club influenced with dreamy electropop.

Their newest song “Looking For You” brings in the sensation to dance along to the cutting-edge synthed sounds, while singing along to the emotional, dreamy lyrics about looking for love. With the loving chorus “Cause you got that magic in your eyes, can you take me back, back to paradise, cause I, I’ve been, looking for you all my life,” the Martin Brothers draw listeners in instantly.

This single inspires listeners to have a good time as this pop-dance track comes as a distinctive cross between The Killers “Human” and Daft Punk‘s “One More Time.”

The Martin Brothers have released a number of intriguing releases that artistically portrays their tenacity to succeed in the music industry with their music. There’s no one like them in the industry doing what they’re doing and it’s definitely refreshing!

Revel in the futuristic world of Martin Brothers through the vibrant visuals making listeners feel like they’re in a completely different world. It’s clear they have tons of fun working together to show their process while in the recording studio. Their dancing will hype you up and make you want to dance alongside this very talented duo!


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