Martin Brothers – “So Cold”

DJ duo Martin Brothers specializes in providing listeners with an infectious amount of synth-pop opening up the doors for an enjoyable time whenever their songs come up. Their newest single “So Cold” is a refreshing blend of catchy rhythms and well-crafted visuals along with their signature appearance reminiscent of Daft Punk.

The Martin Brothers have perfectly niched down their musical genre to cover top 80’s influences with a sound that’s artistically unique to them. It’s a feeling of ease for those who hear their music for the very first time and are watching their intricately designed music videos show how much fun they have working together.

“So Cold” creates soothing and energetic energy that inspires us to dance along while the storyline creatively shows a man lining up their journey throughout the night right from his office and then being confronted by the duo in the end. AS they keep on giving up on the unnecessary desires in their life, they draw listeners in with their distinctive approach to music.

The music video displays the creation of the visuals from its first design on paper to the real-life world in such an intriguing way. Listeners watch the Martin Brothers drive from one location to the other while staring into the abyss during a cold night in Los Angeles reminiscing about giving up on someone. As the electronic synths come into fruition, listeners will feel the urge to dance along to the catchy tune.


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