Mason Holiday – “Heaven”

American singer/songwriter Mason Holiday released his debut single, “Heaven,” on February 14th with scenes that bring back feelings of nostalgia from the 1950’s and 60’s.

The track has quickly garnered over three hundred thousand plays in its first month as people discover this romantic ballad they can dedicate to that special person in their lives.

The first music video shows Holiday in a blue lit room singing in front of a microphone with a guitar in hand and the sound of drums filling the air.

His vulnerability and love for this person appears from the very start as he sings the words “Heaven, my heart beats so I can hardly breath/ She’s like an angel/ Floating through my dreams/ Sent from above to wrap me in her wings/ She gives me kisses and fills me with love/ Quiet and calm to weather the storms.”

After the release of the first music video, Holiday recreated it to display romantic scenes of his wedding day with the love of his life. Each new scene brings the lyrics to life as they unite with one another and he serenades her with this song.

The intimate and heartfelt video will fill any viewer with emotions of love and instantly make them cry with sentiments of happiness for the joyful couple.

Fans of musicians Bill Withers, Jack Johnson, and Ray LaMontagne will find a solace in Mason Holiday’s music with his modern twists of the classic sounds of the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s. Make sure to follow him on all his social media accounts down below:



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