Matt Burke Tries Something New In Folk-Driven Single “Missed My Chance”

Alt-Country singer and songwriter Matt Burke brings a sense of fun to the inexplicable pain of heartache in “Missed My Chance” where drinking and having tons of fun in the process of forgetting someone is often the best way to deal with the pain.

Burke reemerges with this debut single as a solo artist after a few years of living life to the fullest with the Matt Burke Band where he has developed his musicality and performance skills over the years. His admiration for classic old school outlaw country music transcends in this upbeat single boosting our energy while staying real about the deep pain felt after each failed relationship. Inspired by the folksy, southern, roots-based Americana songs popularly making their presence in the industry, the new single “Missed My Chance” includes a twangy and folk feel appreciating the night of missing someone turning into getting drunk and completely forgetting about the specific person he misses. It’s like Burke gets inside our heads and easily removes all of those moments of despair with the simple use of a glass of Bourbon and feel-good music encouraging everyone to step out onto the dance floor.

After suffering a major loss of his good friend and musical partner Leona Ellis in 2018, the end of the Matt Burke Band era led to the exciting, new beginning of focusing on his own songwriting and performances as a solo artist now based in Nashville, TN. The transition has been an opportunity to develop his newest latest sound.

“Losing her was hard: she was the glue that held the full band together, and once she was gone it just didn’t make sense to continue the band. She pushed me to become a better songwriter, she expanded my music theory knowledge as well as my familiarity with soul, funk, and gospel music, and she gave me the confidence to pursue my dream here in Nashville,” Burke shares in an interview about their experiences together. He continues, “I had hoped she and I would eventually be working together here in town, but I am forever grateful that her passing served as the impetus to get me here.”

The talented songwriter delivers a groovy feeling of country music of the past driven by his new Nashville sound influenced by the nostalgic productions of Chris Stapleton, Anderson East, Tom Petty, Waylon Jennings, Roy Orbison and Townes Van Zandt. “Missed My Chance” is a great first single displaying what he’s capable of creating with the pulsating sounds of the driving train beat, pulsing bassline, and honky tonk guitars and fiddle stirring up the feeling of being in the middle of the bar while he’s feeling all of these emotions. The single vividly depicts someone having one too many drinks on an epic night out that many listeners will be able to relate with whether it’s related to heartache or not. It simply feels like being in the right place at the right time as the energy rises and each beat makes listeners easily forget all about their problems.

The nostalgic feeling of losing someone in a relationship can heavily influence how future actions can affect our lives. He takes a rather fun approach with this difficult situation of going through heartbreaks by allowing the soothing tastes of whiskey and beer to keep him entertained as the contagious sounds of music flow throughout the bar. He takes away the agony and transforms it into something danceable that soothes the pain in the best way possible, which is through the power of music. The single details a series of moments that help forget about the life-changing breakups currently affecting him as he downs a drink after drink to forget everything.

There’s a sense of freeing sounds of electronic, pop-influenced country music coming out of this single reminiscent of what’s popularly going around Nashville today. As each Country artist finds their signature sound in the midst of the inner Nashville roots, there are artists such as Matt Burke who continue to master their defining vocal tones and well-produced sounds for their musical careers. This is just a taste of what’s coming in the future as he continues to raise the bar with new music releases making an infectious dent in the Americana and Country genres.

If you enjoyed listening to “Missed My Chance,” make sure to stay tuned for any future releases coming our way. Find Matt Burke on all major streaming and social media platforms today.


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