Matt Marci & Robbie Hutton – “Sugar”

Matt Marci & Robbie Hutton release “Sugar,” the second collaboration from these very talented individuals! In the newest pop/indie pop song, they discuss that tempting moment when someone is feeling inclined to jump back into a past relationship.

Singer-songwriter Matt Marci is a pop producer and writer based in Cambridge, England who creates catchy melodies that have become inspired by Swedish songwriters and his youth growing up listening to orchestral music, which have made their presence in his pop productions.

The 26-year-old Robbie Hutton has created his unique sound of soulful pop and ballad-driven rock through the captivating storytelling done in his songs. His experiences based on modern tales of heartbreak, catharsis and loss have reached a huge range of audiences with each song bringing something different to the table.

Enjoy the feelings of nostalgia in “Sugar,” which was produced by Matt Marcii and co-written with Robbie Hutton.
Together they look back at the past with fondness in this beautifully intriguing pop/indie pop single mixed with jazz chords and live strings that hook the listener in after the first listen.



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