Matt Marcii & Andrea Ekeli – “I’m Over You”

Matt Marcii graces listeners with his newest collaboration with Norwegian singer and songwriter Andrea Ekeli in their newest Dance/EDM track “I’m Over You.”

Sung from the female perspective, “I’m Over You” details moving on from a painful relationship to a stronger and powerful life away from the pain. She details how he yearns to return to the relationship but it’s officially ended on her side with no hope of the individuals coming back together.

Pop producer and songwriter Matt Marcii creates catchy melodies that perfectly comes together with Norwegian singer and songwriter Andrea Ekeli’s vocal abilities. Currently working towards finishing her degree, her growing passion for writing pop music has become a huge motivator to keep developing her musical abilities and sharing it with the world.

“The melodic and rhythmic elements in a song have always been the defining elements for me. The art is to match a good lyric with an equally good melody and vice versa,” Andrea Ekeli said.

Enjoy this newest collaboration Matt Marcii and Andrea Ekeli and keep an eye out for what’s next from Matt Marcii later this year.



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