Matt Westin Shares Two Standout Singles From EP “Legacy”

Rising country singer-songwriter and actor Matt Westin dedicates the memory of his late father in his debut album Legacy, which includes two standout singles “Stomp On” and “Hey Bro.”

Matt Westin’s “Hey Bro” is a catchy and memorable track that every Country fan who listens can enjoy. It depicts honest, raw sentiments about the important people in his life. His deep baritone vocals and well flowing beats will have you singing along and swaying your body from side to side to the lyrics like:

“Hey bro I got your back and dare anybody to go jackin’ with that, nawHey bro I know you got mine, yeah…some things run thicker than a blood line/ Gotcha covered my brother from another mother down any back road”

The single “Stomp On” is a fast-paced, energetic track with a Retro, ’90s country vibe to it. It’s edgy and unapologetic as Westin stays true to his artistry and desire to make his music fresh and relevant to every listener who gives his music a shot.

The explosive guitar chords give the song a really deep feeling from the start to the very end. Fans of Zac Brown Band will be hooked on the lyricism, beats and musical instruments heard throughout the song.

Make sure to listen to “Stomp On,” which Westin calls “an in your face rockin’ country song.” We’re positive you’ll enjoy it as well! Listen to Matt Westin’s EP Legacy below, which was released through MTS Records.


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