Matulla Shares Powerful Story Through “Silence in Amsterdam”

Some songs have an immense amount of depth. A presentation that is anthemic, like literature. A story with many chapters, or a chapter of one big story. The current one the world is facing with the current Coronavirus/COVID19 pandemic is one that is not only powerful, but all too real as well. And that’s where Matulla‘s “Silence In Amsterdam” comes in, how it has affected us, and the awareness of the impact the virus has had on thousands of people worldwide.

Comprised from the heart and mind of German indie artist/author Matulla, acclaimed for his work on “Lost On The Way”, the setting for this Rock anthem is impressive. 2020 has been a year of challenges, trials and tribulations alike. But the Coronavirus/COVID19 in particular has been sweeping the world at large in big numbers causing travel bans, quarantines, job loss, illness, and worst of all, death. This revolutionary track not only shines a bright light on the awareness of the pandemic, but the many levels of how it has affected our world at large through the melody of a powerful song.

Recorded, written, produced and performed solely by Matulla, this song grabs you from the second it starts. This song tells a powerful story told in real time; making “Silence In Amsterdam” a loud message for the masses about a story that is all too real. In a time of urgency, uncertainty and dark hours and days, it’s powerful songs like this that really get us to reflect on our own lives and the others around us as well. This track really puts the focus on the victims of the pandemic and awareness factor, giving the listener a perspective that not only resonates with them, but also entices them to reflect as well, reminding us that we should never take our lives for granted, and that the story you’re hearing is one that you are part of. This song is dedicated to anyone and everyone that is directly or indirectly affected by COVID19.

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