Atlanta artist, Max Eve, invites listeners to his world filled with pop/rock sounds and discover your true feelings alongside the nine tracks on his latest release, Plethora.

Plethora is the first full length LP where he features vocals and lyrics. Each song combines Pop and Rock music with various styles from the musical landscape to explore a soundscape of the human mind.

Based on the tracklist seen below, the EP is divided into five parts depicting: Greed, Disorder, Pain, Love and Courage. The single based on the title of the EP is the last track under the Courage emotion.

Max Eve is an experimental guitarist, singer and songwriter from Atlanta who is best known for the versatility found in his songs. His latest release, Plethora, features a variety of singers and leans towards a pop/rock sound listseners will definitely enjoy.

The album is described on his website as, “The human mind is both plagued and blessed with the ability to feel. Many spend their lives trying to discover and maneuver the inner workings of their own thoughts, let alone those of others. This album’s sound is diverse as the range of emotions it seeks to convey: greed, disorder, pain, love and courage.”

As a true music lover, Max Eve, doesn’t just create music for him and his Atlanta metal band, Halcyon Way. He also teaches music to children, volunteers by playing the acoustic guitar at Emory Winship Cancer Center, and took courses to become a Certified Music Practioner.

Take the time to run through your feelings with the help of Max Eve and Plethora‘s five emotions. You don’t want to miss out!


I. Greed

1. The Gardener

2.. The Narcissist

II. Disorder

3. Semantics

4. Logistics

III. Pain

5. Warmer In The Rain

6. Ready

V. Love

7. Iron Wings

8. Tethered

VI. Courage

9. Plethora


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